Fashion Mirror


Fashion Mirror

The Virtual Mirror is a Virtual Fitting solution that is the first and the only real-time virtual try-on system. It enables consumers to experience real-life clothes on their accurate virtual models in motion. There are other features like instant fit visualization on online, desktop, or mobile platforms which also help designers to make the decision.

Users never compromise on the items they buy, therefore; this allows users to see where the garment is tight or loose or where it juts out or sags down. To please user, technology plus forward-thinking retail brands are incorporating AR technology into the customer experience. Focusing on both in-store and online AR technology presented this solution that work on the behaves of customers when they move around or standing in various poses.

“User can experience Virtual mirror features at in-store to a new level of engagement and entertainment”.

The brief of working of Virtual Mirror: the user brings the garment in front of a mirror which scans the garment. The mirror after getting the scanned image is stored and overlaid with the image of the user. The reflected image gives a virtual appearance with the selected outfit that follows the body’s movements with totally real virtual movements.

Fashion Mirror App


  • Get an idea about the outfit without physically trying the dresses or standing at a queue.
  • Prevent themselves to waste time in “Try Room”.


Prevent from Dirty Stuff – While trying in changing room there are many chances to get clothes mess and dirty

Increase the Basket size and Brand Engagement – Fashion mirror will catch customers to increase basket size brand engagement can be increased by testing and trying new fashion trends.

Reduce Cost – By applying mirror brands can save salaries cost because mostly testing and trying will be on mirror

Real Time Clothes and Accessories – Changing Customer can try all stuff in real time with matching accessories on options like Scarf, Fur, Purse etc.


Virtual Experience.

The intuitive gesture controlled the user interface of virtual mirror captures the motion of the user that is a unique approach for the engagement of customer. Who would have ever thought that technology can reach to such an extent that virtual trail room can be more than a trail room in many possible way.

Improving Retail Management.

With the introduction of virtual Mirror Application, the amount of damage to the inventory is reduced as the usage of a trial room is also reduced. The queue of the customer is now engaged with the introduction of the Virtual mirror in the many outlets. Due to that users are experiencing better time management while shopping via virtual mirror with better management.

For effective results, the virtual mirror is a better way to manage a store. Trying maximum dresses virtually in lesser time this is the major part of the Virtual mirror. The photo-accurate helps consumers to try virtually various attires and fittings without any hassle.

Augmented in Sales.

Based on Augment Reality this virtual mirror room empowers e-commerce by satisfying users with Virtual experience. The virtual trial room permits the client to forecast their rate of sale with the engagement of user that results in improved profits with better marketing strategies and tactics.

The virtual mirror application is the part of the next-generation technology. Rendezvous with your consumers a virtual mirror provides innovative ways for them to visualize interact with products and related brands.