Media Icon In-App Recognition

Audio Recognition with Media Icon In-App Recognition

Media Icon in-app recognition is designed for the stand-alone operation of mobile devices. The fingerprints of the relevant content are preloaded to the mobile application and Media Icon in-app recognition does the matching of the recorded audio snippets right on the mobile device. It does not need to send any data to a server and therefore there is no need for an Internet connection during the audio recognition. It is all done on the device itself.

Media Icon in-app recognition enables broadcasters, advertising agencies, content producers and application developers to achieve greater consumer attention by giving consumers the chance to interact with TV Series, movies, commercials, live shows and other audio cues.

How Audio Recognition Works


  • Fingerprint extraction and stand-alone matching on mobile devices
  • One-time and/or continuous identification
  • Standard minimum recognition time of 2-4 seconds
  • SDK for Android


  • Makes traditional media interactive: easy and effective recognition of commercials, TV shows, videos that play on TV, radio etc.
  • No more network or hardware bottlenecks: fingerprints of the relevant content are preloaded to the app so that all requests from many users can be handled without any network traffic or Internet connection
  • Great user experience: short recognition time because matching takes place directly on the device
  • Easy integration: stand-alone software solution which is easy to integrate into existing applications