Media Icon Monitor

TV Monitoring with Media Icon Monitor

Media Icon Monitor is a software solution designed for monitoring broadcast media such as TV and radio to report the occurrences of advertising spots, press conferences, political interviews, music or other types of content.

Our TV monitoring product enables advertising agencies to instantly identify broadcast audio content and connect services tailored to this specific audio content, e.g. tickets, merchandise or subscriptions. It helps media agencies and media research companies to control the correct broadcasting of advertisements and analyse competitor‘s ad campaigns. More importantly, it is the fundamental tool for measuring how consumers engage and behave with advertisements, products, and brands on different broadcast channels.

Its real-time capability enables complete control of synchronized online advertising campaigns to significantly increase the Click-Through-Rates (CTR).

How TV Monitoring Works


  • Precise and reliable recognition of audio content (ads, music, interviews, etc.)
  • Real-time processing and reporting of almost any media stream
  • Application Programming Interface (API) based on REST
  • Web-based UI for operation, reporting and system administration
  • Seamless integration with physical hardware and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • File-based offline processing


  • Self-hosting capability: ideal for private networks
  • Highly scalable: cluster configuration allows a scalable system
  • Cost-savings: automatic cloud instance up-/down scaling
  • Easy integration: API integrates with third party host applications