Media Icon Server

Audio Identification Media Icon Server

Media Icon Server is a client-server software solution for audio identification based on an acoustic audio fingerprint. It recognizes any audio content such as music, advertising, TV shows and movies. Media Icon Server server is suitable for a broad range of applications such as mobile ad recognition and content synchronization for second screen apps, asset management and related services.

It enables advertising agencies, content producers and application developers to identify playing audio content in an instant and connect services tailored to the specific audio content, e.g. tickets, merchandise or subscriptions. With Media Icon Server content producers can also minimize administration costs by reducing duplicate content and repair missing or wrong metadata in audio files.

Client-Server Interaction


  • Audio identification based on a robust audio fingerprint
  • Highly resilient to ambient noise making it well suited to mobile apps
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud compatible software
  • Seamless integration capabilities with physical hardware and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Standard minimum recognition time of 4 seconds
  • Web-based UI for operation, reporting and system administration
  • Application Programming Interface (API) based on REST
  • SDK for Android


  • Cost-savings: automatic cloud instance up-/down scaling
  • Easy integration: modular system allows easy integration into servers, and mobile applications for the most popular mobile and server platforms
  • Self-hosting capability: well-suited for private networks
  • Highly scalable: cluster configuration allows a scalable system