Sentiment Analysis

Get real-time, actionable insights

Analyse what people are saying, when they said it, and why. Find influencers, compare with competitors and create reports in minutes.

We are driven passionately by the technological challenge of transforming raw, cold machine data to rich, human intelligence to optimize and empower businesses.
A shared vision of world-class emotion detection technology, crafted to overcome the inherent shortcomings of existing approaches to computational sentiment and emotion analysis.

MRI Sentiment Analysis is efficiently determining your key promoters and detractors. Let’s have a look of few use cases of sentiment analysis.

Data Integration

Centralize and enrich your data assets to get maximum value from them.

Targeted Advertising

Design and serve multi-channel campaigns to catch the right message to the right people.
Our data science defines who should be targeted; behavioral science informs how the message should be constructed.

Audience Segmentation

Segment your target audiences into groups who will engage with specific messages.
Creating a specific customer profile helps advertiser to plan the most effective product development, pricing, promotions and distribution strategies.


We can use specific campaign and promotion’s performance data to inform your future outreach, as it will help to plan upcoming campaigns.