Social TV

Software Solutions

Our software solutions for Social TV applications

  • Connect the passive TV medium with the digital world and active consumers
  • Engage viewers in shows, games and polls and make them part of a TV program even beyond live viewing
  • Empower viewers by allowing them to comment on TV content and influence broadcast content
  • Automatically check-in to the TV channel or series the user is watching
  • Offer a Social TV chat feature to share consumer information and thoughts about the TV program with friends
  • Recognize and understand who is watching what, when and where (audience metering)
  • Provide enhanced guidance and accelerated browsing of interactive TV guides
  • Overcome broadcast latencies and offer synchronized content on the second screen in real-time
  • Synchronize interactive and value-adding content to the broadcast timeline such as content-specific background information, store links, synchronized social news feeds and synchronized ads

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